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Yes, we communicate this world with Tattoos, that deeper than the words.
You can find deepest of your soul here at the most beautiful place of this world, Phuket Island. Here the place that you will
meet with the best ever, not less than 10 years experienced and talented craft artists, which rally together at the
MASTERPIECES. fascinate and addict of creating human body arts. We decided to roar out, we are the legend. Come to us
and inspire one of yours, at the



Today, Masterpieces Tattoo Studio is the best custom tattoo studio in Phuket with experienced and award winning class artists. We keep continue to strive our best to deliver an unforgettable tattoo experiences to customers from all around the world.




Fully customized artwork

Get your perfect tattoo design at a few minutes with talented artists and English speaking. Unique tattoo designs covering a variety of styles.

Hygiene standards 

❖ Hygiene Standard guarantee from Health Public Organization.

❖ Occupational safety, health and environment training for studio members.

❖ Tattoo after care services

All inks and needles imported from usa

❖ Professional tattoo equipment.

❖ High quality supply.

❖ Premium tattoo products.

Award wining artists 

❖ Domestic award contest.

❖ International award contest.

inspiration : Fact to fact tattoo consultation design. Free of charge. Our artists are fully experienced in design, art and graphics with several unique technique.


drafting : All good things are worth waiting for.


rolling Complete your Masterpiece.




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SOI FOOD LAND, Patong beach road, Phuket, Thailand


Studio hours
11am – 23pm


We take walk-ins/consultations everyday
English speaking staff available.